SELF SERVE BATHING IS OPEN after 2pm everyday!

We still have to ensure that we are under Maximum Occupancy and maintain distance standards.  Typically we start to slow down for the day after this time. 

We may be able to accommodate times earlier in the day depending on appointments.

PLEASE call ahead to assure availability, as we can only use two at a time.



Self Serve Dogwash

















Hours?  The Self Serve Dogwash is open:

Monday - Thursday        9 am until 8 pm
Friday and Saturday       9 am until 5 pm
Closed Sundays

No appointment is necessary for Self Serve.
Last self-serve bath,

30 minutes before close please.

Can you trim my dog's nails?  Absolutely!

No appointment necessary, just stop in during regular hours.  Nail trim is discounted with a self-serve purchase.

Will My Dog Fit In The Tub?  The tubs are large, 5 feet long by 2 feet deep and can accommodate most larger breeds.  All the tubs are equipped with ramps for ease of entry.

What do I need to bring?  Pretty much just your dog and a brush!  All self serve baths include Premium Coat Handler Shampoo, and a Hypo-Allergenic Tearless face wash for your use.  You are welcome to bring your own shampoo if your dog has special needs.














Other shampoos and treatments are available at minimal additional cost.  These include Oatmeal, Dermatreat, SPA conditioner, Teatree, Whitening and Plum.

How Much Does It Cost?  The Self Serve Dog Wash is priced by the dog's weight and type of coat, with no time limit.  

Small Dogs - Up to 20 lbs            $12.00
Medium Dogs - Up to 65 lbs         15.00
Large & Double Coated                18.00

Examples of a double-coated dog are Huskies, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers.



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