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Our Full-Service Salon can pamper your pet with a range of services.  

From bathing & conditioning to nails, glamour and spa,

D-Fur-Be-Less shedding treatments and custom designed style especially for YOUR Pet.  

Our grooming team is led by Ruth Apel, a Certified Master Petstylist

with over thirty years of grooming experience.  They can help you select a grooming package that best suits you and your dog's needs.

Professional grooming starts at $45.  Price varies by breed,
condition and temperament.  By appointment only please.

All full service grooming packages include
Shampoo/Bath, Fluff Dry, Brush out, Nails trimmed, ears cleaned &
plucked, and a custom designed style especially for your dog!

The Diggitty Dog Package - Also includes a special coat and
skin conditioning treatment with Premium products,
Facial Scrub, Toothbrushing & breath spray, bows or bandana and
premium fragrance by LesPooches!  12.00 Upgrade.

D-Fur-Be-Less Dog -  A special de-shedding treatment to help
reduce shedding.  Leaves less to shed while promoting healthy skin with Oatmeal, Alpha-Hydroxy, Vitamin E, B5, and Omega-3 Fatty Acid.  

Two part treatment followed by a special grooming process usually reduces shedding by 60-80%.  

15.00 Upgrade to groom or full service bath charge.






Diggitty Dog Grooming
Diggitty Dog Grooming
Diggitty Dog Grooming

Can you trim my dog's nails?  Absolutely!

Currently by appointment only, please call.  12.00 Clip/15.00 grind. Nail trim is discounted with a self-serve purchase.

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